Social Marketing Strategy

specializes in small businesses and non-profit marketing for the greater good. It seeks to develop and integrate marketing into a positive social impact and influence behaviors that benefit individuals and communities for the greater good.

All profits made from services we offer go directly to supporting work training and entrepreneurship, building stronger communities.

Social Marketing Strategy has the power and expertise of 3 well established design, development and marketing agencies and a nonprofit in one. SMS was developed as a side project for people doing good work get discounted prices and turned into a fully functional nonprofit offering services overnight.

We are a team of compassionate marketing gremlins dedicated to creating a positive social impact. We bring quality services to non-profits and any person or business doing good work in the world at a drastically discounted rate. We also have a lot of help from service providers who feel the same way..


Who We are

Lori Randall Stradtman

Lori is an artist who is considered a global expert on the art and science of creating expansive, positive online reputation, no matter what misunderstandings or quirks of fate. She is the best-selling author of Online Reputation Management for Dummies and just launched the Meta-Physical Marketing Class “How To Sell Your Art Online”-

Adrian Jones

Adrian is a web developer with 20 years experience. She is the developer of a theme and several plugins including the popular “featured image thumbnail grid” and “guest author” plugins. Our resident wordress expert and coder extraordinaire, Resa takes on custom solutions and delivers sites that exceed expectations –

Resa Sunshine of Shoofly Solutions

Josh McCusker

Josh is an expert in the field of design and media of all kinds. Josh owns a creative design agency which over the years introduced him to a creative team of people that are on a path of shared values. Our resident design expert is passionate in photography of all kinds –

Hey Carollan

Hey Carollan is a digital marketing strategist intent on using art, marketing and technology to benefit individuals and society as a whole. In 2011, this passion led Hey to found, Social Marketing Strategy to support the growing demand for marketing in social development and community organizing to attract volunteers and donations.

In 2017, Hey went on to found the Social Enterprising Association a nonprofit dedicated to training and empowering people to work set to launch mid 2019.

Hey was an integral part of the development of two successful one million dollar capital campaigns and, as a nonprofit development expert and crowd sourcing adept they have a proven track record with the development and fundraising with many nonprofits.


Free Proposal, Research Packet or Consultation

We have never given out a free proposal, research packet, or consultation that has not been a successful client relationship. We develop actionable strategies for your ideas.