Impact Marketing and Development, supercharged

We are compassionate techno-gremlins dedicated to creating a positive social impact. We bring highly discounted marketing and development services to any person, business, , corporation, or nonprofit and use the proceeds for positive social work. We also haveĀ a lot of help from service providers who feel the same way…

Fundraising Strategy and Branding

Awareness Campaigns
and Sales

Strategic Planning

Web Development and Marketing Strategy

Impact Strategies

As nonprofit and business pioneers and gurus, sitting on the boards of our own nonprofits and managing our own businesses, we know how to develop programs and business strategies for a positive social impact.

The Social Enterprising Crew...

Social Marketing Strategy is a program of Social Enterprising Association, a group of nonprofits, individuals, and social enterprises working toward a new economic paradigm. All profits from Social Marketing Strategy go directly to support entrepreneurship and work training in deserving communities.